Friday, 8 April 2011

The Abolition of The Two Tiered Workforce, UNISON's views

The Two Tier Code of Practice on Workforce Matters was withdrawn on 10 December 2010 and replaced with the Cabinet Office Principles of Good Employment Practice. The abolition of the two tier codes will affect central government departments and agencies first. As each government department implemented the code in their own way, the mechanisms for removing it will vary. However, the code stays in place for existing contracts. The situation is different for Best Value authorities as the code is statutory. They will not be affected immediately because the best value two-tier code is a separate piece of legislation which will have to repealed first. The devolved administrations have their own regulations which protect against a two-tier workforce and the two tier code will remain in Wales.
UNISON has organised a series of meetings with the major contractors which has established that they were not in favour of abolishing the codes. We are arranging another meeting soon.
Discussion followed which included:
• There is a major procurement exercise in the probation service coming up and employers are saying that Fair Deal for Staff Pensions never applied to the probation service. It looks as if this is going to develop into a very serious issue.
• At the last Public Services Forum small and medium size employers were saying that Fair Deal is a major obstacle.
• At the recent meeting of the PDCC the matter was referred to the D & O Committee to look at the organising implications.
• It is a moving situation
​Fair Deal for Staff Pensions to be raised again with the Cabinet Office and through the PSF.

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