Saturday, 30 January 2010

What's the difference.

Four South West MP's Dawn Primarolo, Jim Knight, Alison Seabeck and David Drew gave up their weekend to join South West UNISON Lab/Link AGM forum to tell us what Labour had done in respect of new schools, hospitals, Sure Start and Children's Centres. Minimum wage, winter fuel allowance.
Thriving South West job growth around green jobs with wind power and investment in silicon technology with Bristol University which they say is second only to Silicon Valley.

So What is the difference between Conservative and Labour Party.

Conservatives have declared some interesting manifesto ideas on Council House tenancy rights and plan to make them less secure and harder to get, easier to terminate the tenancy agreement and raise the cap on rent increases. All Council Tenants and future Council Tenants need to read the implications of that one.

Less spending and cuts to the vital Public Services that cushion us all in time of need.

I myself watched a Tory politician arguing with trade unions only yesterday about a gender pay gap for women was completely untrue.

Labour is currently putting through Parliament an Equality Bill, which will ensure us all a fairer society. No matter what our daily feelings are as individuals, are moans and groans, whose getting what and why. I believe the majority of us dislike unfairness and especially when we are on the end of it. To ensure we have a fair and just society despite all the problems with expenses from across the parties, the banks letting us down and at least Labour underpinning and saving us from that situation in the short term. We have a national debt that we all share but better than finding all our savings gone.

We can argue with Labour about the policies that affect all of us on a daily basis. We can discuss, we can listen and learn from each other. The Equality Bill cements that idea of a fair and just world where the disadvantaged can have a say and helped towards a better life. The Conservatives are fighting there ideas and philosophy not to have a Equality Bill, they do not want to legislate for a fairer world. That in itself should tell you all you need to know about the Conservatives.
Jackie fleming
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